Über den Deutschen Jagdterrier aus 
aller Welt
About the German Hunting Terrier 
from all over the world 



Der Deutsche Jagdterrier in Schweden
The German Hunting Terrier in Sweden

The Swedes have some web sites about the German Hunting Terrier. The GHT is bred there very successfully and the demand for this kind of dog is high. Most of the time puppies are already sold before they're born.


Der Deutsche Jagdterrier in den USA
The German Hunting Terrier in the United States of America

Also in the USA the German Hunting Terrier is bred, trained and used for hunting. German Hunting Terriers from the USA are even sold to Europe or Hawaii. Moreover in the USA a GHT was trained to find narcotics . This GHT (Fritz) presently is serving on a Police Department in Oklahoma as a Narcotics Detection K-9.

Knite Hunt Kennel


German Jagdterrier Club of America

Terrier Girl's web page

they really don't know any fear  ( DJT and bob cat) !

Der Deutsche Jagdterrier in Deutschland
The German Hunting Terrier in Germany

In Germany the German Hunting Terrier is often kept as normal house dog. These dog owners - who mostly got their dogs out of a animal shelter  - told me about problems in the beginning of the training, but also that they today have obedient, reliable and faithful house dogs. Some hunters don't possess only one GHT, they have two ore more. Very seldom they're only kept as working dogs, mostly they are integrated in the life of the family, without any problems. Well trained GHT are on specific hunts not to replace and therefore have a "full schedule" during the according seasons.

Here are some interesting links, I'm sorry but in German ( translation follows soon ) :

Ein Baby kommt .... ( Tipps und Tricks, wie man den DJT an ein Baby gewöhnt, gilt
sicherlich auch für andere Hunde ):  http://www.tierheim-oelzschau.de/tipps___tricks.html

Über Mark, einen deutschen Jagdterrier, dessen Fehlstellung der Vorderbeine erfolgreich
operiert wurde: http://www2.tiere-in-not-odenwald.de/main2.html ( --> Tiervermittlung --> bitte bei Suche,
ganz unten
"Jagdterrier" eingeben )

Über Max "den ewigen Pechvogel" der aber letztlich doch Glück hatte:

Die Geschichte von "Jockel", einem deutschen Jagdterrier, der als Familienhund glücklich wurde:

Und jetzt noch eine schlimme Geschichte, die nicht nur Gänsehaut
sondern vor allem Wut erzeugt:

Jagdterrier sollte lebendig begraben werden (12.04.2005)

und das gute Ende:

Jagdterrier hat neues Zuhause(23.05.2005)

..... watch this picture, and I'm sure your start laughing, as I did, when I saw it
the first time :-)
DJT im Auto :-)

Der Deutsche Jagdterrier in Frankreich / The German Hunting Terrier in French

The French people have a very special relation to the GHT. I was very impressed by a statement on French web site, that says: .... the beauty and the good are inseparable.



Der Deutsche Jagdterrier in Italien / The German Hunting Terrier in Italy

Also in Italy the German Hunting Terrier is bred and used for hunting.

Der deutsche Jagdterrier in Spanien / The German Hunting Terrier in Spain


Der Deutsche Jagdterrier in Korea / The German Hunting Terrier in Korea

An interesting site, I found, but unfortunately Korean characters make it a bit
difficult to navigate through the site :-)






......to be continued  soon...........

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