Oskar in the house

In the house Oskar most of the time is laying quietly on his place. Sometimes he lays on his dogs cover but also likes to sleep on a "free" sofa. His most favourite place, when he's not too tired, is the window sill, he sits there and watches everything going on outside.

Without any problems you can leave him alone in the house, for plenty of hours, without getting into mischief! It's even the opposite, he uses the time when he's alone, to relax. As we are both working full time, he's alone in the house from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. and this works great.  But after work this dog needs your full attention and tasks! Also in the morning before leaving him alone, it's important to have a long walk with him. 

In the house he very much likes to play "hide and seek". Hide his toys and let him seek them, he likes such games and is funny to see what a pleisure he has! 

He's very alert. It doesn't matter where in the house he is, when he hears Gerd's car coming, he's running to the front door wagging his tail sitting there unable to wait until the garage gate is closed and Gerd comes in. It's same when the door bell is ringing, Oskar can't wait to welcome the visitors, here I have to admit that sometimes Oskars welcome is rather wild and stormy. Visitors should try to ignore the dog, because when they play with him they have no chance anymore that the dog draws back. Oskar loves it to have all the attention on him.  (2005)


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