A personal statement

Yes, in fact Oskar sometimes drives us mad. That's the reason for the personal statement in the following. According to the training on hunting , you'll find literature tips below.
Of course the German Hunting Terrier is a frisky, tenacious, courageous dog possessing a spirit of liveliness. This liveliness and its temperament combined with its never ending vitality are sometimes a problem. The hunting terrier does not like walking on the lead or through the village. As its "nose is very good"  I often feel like being on a battue or a search for game. This dog is untiring in swimming and retrieving. It is keen on defending its ground that means he often doesn't get along well with males of the neighbourhood.Here you should be cautious.
With other dogs the hunting terrier gets along quiet well, especially with big and also frisky and unafraid dogs. It has the typical faithfull eyes of the terriers, but it's not a pet.
Because of its small size and its faithful  eyes, children often would like to play with him, like they do with their pets. Here you should be cautious, too because the hunting terrier often refuses overtures from strangers.

Keeping a hunting terrier  doesn't make any problems neither in the kennel nor in the house. It nearly is born house trained. The dog stays alone for lots of hours, but then it needs your total attention. The hunting terrier learns very quickly, but it needs a "strong hand". I would call this dog a one man dog that means it's fixed on its master, accepts their partners, but it will seldom wag it's tail to welcome them.  This dog needs a lot of movement and always new tasks. If you don't teach him obedience, this dog will drive you crazy and will make your life hard, but if you work with him, the German Hunting Terrier will be all your proud and joy and as well your best friend.


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