Oskar - ein deutscher Jagdterrier stellt sich vor! A German Hunting Terrier introduces itself
About Oskar's Homepage   06/2002
Orby vom GoldackerOrby vom Goldacker

   Orby vom Goldacker, named Oskar ,15th April 1996 - 19th February 2010
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Fotos 1
Pictures from Oskar at different seasons 
Fotos 2
Pictures from Oskar and two other DJT 
Collagen Oskar swimming  In the house 
Pictures and information regarding the DJT in the house 
The hunter  Risks of injury  A hunting adventure  On the stand 
not the hunter but the German Hunting Terrier
Keeping and care  Characteristics of the DJT 
About the DJT 
general information and people who work with the DJT 
In the snow 
Far above earth
the DJT hunting a squirrel :-) 
Walks with Oskar 
behaviour during walks with pictures 
A personal statement
regarding the DJT 

Breeders  Links
to different sites aobut the DJT and other dog sites 
Where we live  From all over the world 
Information on DJT from all over the world  (new 06/2005)
DJT in Action
The German Hunting terriers from Barry Crosswhite (USA) 
more DJT
approx. 80 German Hunting Terriers from all over the world 
DJT as rescue dog 
An italian DJT trained to a rescue dog (only German)
The ten requests
from a dog to its owner 
Cry for help

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Übersicht über alle Seiten 
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This website is today - 12 years after it was created  - a review of a wonderful, extraordinary and unique  German Hunting Terrier.
Things have changed and many of the GHT, introduced here, are no more alive, like Oskar. Many  and warm  thanks to all, who gave
their contribution - with wonderful picutures and comments -   to  create and continue this website through all the years.  The website will be
stopped right now,  and left as it is.  In memory of Oskar .  Thank you Oskar for being with us.   08/2010


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