Height and weight: height measured at the withers :
33 until 40 cm
males: 9 - 10 kg 
females: 7,5 - 9,5 kg
Coat and colour:  the main body colour may be black or dark brown, with brown, red yellow or lighter colored markings found on the eyebrows, ches, legs and anus, light or dark colored masks,
dense coat either wire haired or smooth haired, 
Head and neck:  the skull is flat and wider between the ears, a strong rather arched neck, not excessively long, broadens at the point of insertion into the shoulders, 
Eyes and ears:  small, dark eyes, deep-set with a determined expression, close fitting eyelids, 
v-shaped ears, not too small, set on high and carried lightly against the side of the had 

A small and compact hunting dog, courageous and unrelenting robust, speedy at work, reliable, persistent, full of energy, people friendly, neither shy nor aggressive. 

You find detailed breed descriptions for example in the "Rasseportrait Deutscher Jagdterrier" W. Schindl, (bibliography ) 

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